Summer care for your Hardwood Floors

Summer care for your Hardwood Floors

Every season presents new challenges to keeping your hardwood floors looking like new – and summer is no exception. Here at Cascade Flooring Pros we have some tips for you on how to maintain your hardwood floors during the summer months.


Dry mopping is OK to get up the dust bunnies, but mops do not get the grit from the between the boards. Vacuuming will get those particles out, but make sure you use the right setting on your vacuum. The setting for carpet is too harsh for hardwood floors and can scratch. Use a softer brush with no beater, the bare floor attachment, or the hardwood floor setting on your vacuum.


Prevent dirt from getting between the boards by placing floor mats at all entrances. Include a mat by the litter box if you have a cat to prevent litter from tracking on the floor. Tell everyone coming in your home to wipe their feet and take off their shoes before walking on the hardwood. And don’t forget to put an anti-slip mat underneath to prevent slips and falls.

Go barefoot

As mentioned above, have people take their shoes off as they come in the home. With summer weather comes summer activities like golf, soccer, and showing off the new pedicure in open-toed heels. Golf shoes with spikes, cleats, and heels can dent and damage floors.

Keep the sun outside

We love to open our windows and shades in the summer and enjoy the sunshine. But the ultraviolet rays of the sun is not good for your floors. Direct sunlight can discolor flooring. Use shades and blinds to keep the sun off the floors. And always shut blinds and curtains when you leave the home during the day.

Rearrange rooms

Change things up once in a while. By moving your furniture around, you can prevent uneven discoloration of your floors – making your floors look like they were just installed. Use felt pads on the legs of your furniture to keep them from scraping up the floors.


We live in one of most humid areas of the country. There are days when you feel as though you can just squeeze the water out of the air. Moisture is one of the worst enemies for hardwood floors since it can cause floors to warp. Keep your air conditioner on to keep your home drier. If you don’t have air conditioning, invest in a quality dehumidifier for your home. Expert opinions on humidity levels that are best for hardwood floors vary from 40% – 60% and 35% – 55%. To be on the safe side, keep the humidity in your home between 40% and 50%.

Clip those claws

Here is one thing that you need to do year-round. If you have pets, keep their claws trimmed to prevent scratches.

If you have any questions about summer care for your floors or would like some more information on what Cascade Flooring Pros can do for you, call us at (971) 563-3204.