Best flooring options for allergy sufferers

Best flooring options for allergy sufferers

Time outdoors can be miserable for those with allergies and asthma. Your home should be a safe haven from allergens. Let Cascade Flooring Pros help you find the best flooring for your home and help you breathe easier.


Hardwood is one of the best options for those with allergies. Hardwood does not attract the dust, pet dander, and mold as some other flooring options, while also being durable and easy to clean. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology recommends replacing carpet with hardwood. The downside to hardwood is the cost as it is one of the more expensive flooring options. Be careful when considering wood-like looks like laminate as they may contain higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which can worsen allergies and asthma.


Cork used in flooring comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. Not only is it natural, but it is biodegradable and replenishes itself every few years. Most important for allergy sufferers, cork is mildew and mold resistant. The structure of cork also resists dust and pollen making it a great option for keeping the air in your home clean. Other advantages to cork is its ability to absorb sound as well as keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.


Made from linseed oil, linoleum is a natural product and does not contain chemicals found in cheaper flooring options like vinyl. It does not attract dust and allergens. Linoleum is easy to clean and water resistant. It’s durability makes it a great choice for homes with children and pets. And because it is all natural, it is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Low Pile Carpet

If you have allergies, but want carpet, low pile is the way to go. Low pile carpets are not as plush as high pile. Think berber as opposed to shag. Low pile will still trap dust and allergens, but not as easily as the higher pile carpets. If you choose carpet, vacuum using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, clean and sanitize the carpet on a regular basis. Occasionally get the carpet steam cleaned professionally. Low pile carpet is also great for high traffic areas and easier to clean that higher pile carpet. Also consider getting a low pile carpet that is made of natural fabric instead of synthetic materials as synthetic materials may also emit VOCs.


Quality tile can be a great allergen buster. It is easy to keep clean and allergens can’t get in. Being water resistant, it can also keep mold and mildew away. Stick with ceramic and porcelain tiles as they are smoother surfaces, unlike stone and other uneven materials which may actually trap dust and other allergens. Also, make sure the tile is made and installed with VOC-free materials.

Let us at Cascade Flooring Pros turn your home into an easier place to breathe at a price that won’t make you short of breath. Contact us today at 971-563-3204.